Runners (?)


  1. Rainbow Lvl1

  2. Rainbow Lvl2

  3. Rainbow Lvl3

  4. Efficiency Lvl1

  5. Comfort Lvl1

  6. Luck Lvl1

  7. Resilience Lvl1

  8. Efficiency Lvl2

  9. Comfort Lvl2

  10. Luck Lvl2

  11. Resilience Lvl2

  12. Efficiency Lvl3

  13. Comfort Lvl3

  14. Luck Lvl3

  15. Resilience Lvl3

  16. Efficiency Lvl4

  17. Comfort Lvl4

  18. Luck Lvl4

  19. Resilience Lvl4

  20. Efficiency Lvl5

  21. Comfort Lvl5

  22. Luck Lvl5

  23. Resilience Lvl5

Upgrade Profitable Profits
Efficiency Lvl1=>2
Efficiency Lvl2=>3
Comfort Lvl1=>2
Comfort Lvl2=>3
Luck Lvl1=>2
Luck Lvl2=>3
Resilience Lvl1=>2
Resilience Lvl2=>3

Sneakers & Scrolls

  1. Common


  2. Uncommon


  3. Common

  4. Uncommon

  5. Rare

  6. Epic


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